Conservation Area Map

The village of Leigh stands in open country two miles west of Tonbridge in the Weald of Kent.

The conservation area comprises the historic village at its extent at the end of the nineteenth century, along with Hall Place and part of its inner park, and the early twentieth-century development of Garden Cottages.

Leigh Conservation Area was designated in 1972 and extended in 1986 and 2006. The previous conservation area appraisal was published in March 2001. In 2019 the conservation area was reviewed and expanded to include the northern section of Crandalls, Garden Cottages and properties on Powder Mill Lane.

The Conservation Area Appraisal (CAA) is split into three documents: Introduction, Appraisal and Design Guidance.

Please click on link below to view the map: 

Leigh Conservation Area map


Conservation Area Appraisal Part I Introduction 2019 ( PDF - 1.55 MB)

Conservation Area Appraisal Part II Leigh 2019 Digital ( PDF - 9.68 MB)

Conservation Area Appraisal Part III Design Guidance 2019 ( PDF - 792.56 KB)