Fun Fair 2022

Published: 05 April 2022

There are two reasons why the Parish Council refused the request for the fun fair to visit Leigh this year. Firstly, the large vehicles that the fun fair bring to Leigh and park on The Green are very heavy and churn up the ground, making it very muddy. If the ground is rock hard then there is not the same impact, but our summers are often wet and the Parish Council didn't want to take this risk. The Parish Council has spent a large amount of money in recent years on improving the drainage on The Green so that the sports clubs can use it for their matches, and members did not want to risk heavy damage to the grass. The fun fair vehicles are particularly large and heavy, much heavier than other vehicles that are allowed occasionally to park on The Green. The Parish Council is about to undertake a complete re-seed of the grass on The Green and the Parish Council cannot allow the heavy vehicles to ruin the young grass. Secondly, the Cricket Club fixtures had already been approved and publicised and the request was received too late for these fixtures to be changed. The Green is enjoyed by all residents, including the sports clubs and the school. We are very lucky to have this open space in the centre of our village.

The request made by the fun fair was on the Parish Council's agenda for their meeting held on 7th March, this is on this website and was on the noticeboards in the parish. If anyone has a view about anything that the Parish Council is going to discuss, they should make contact with the Clerk and / or come along to our open Parish Council meetings in order to discuss their views with members. The Clerk had not received any correspondence from residents on this matter and no-one came to the Parish Council meeting to raise the issue. The Parish Council do take correspondence and feedback into consideration when making its decisions.

The Parish Council did carry out a poll via the parish magazine pre-covid to see how people felt about the fun fair and whether they would like it to return to Leigh. The responses were an even split between yes and no.

Please do come along to any Parish Council meeting to let members know your views. See the meetings page on this website for more information and all the minutes and agendas.

All matters that are discussed by the Parish Council are advertised in advance on the website and noticeboards. Please do let us know if you have any comments on anything under discussion.