Affordable Housing

The Parish Council is actively seeking a site for low cost affordable housing.

Please contact the Clerk if you own a site that you believe may be suitable.

 Sevenoaks District Council has produced a new Guide to Developing Affordable Homes in Rural Communities.

This guide is a series of factsheets that sets out the pathway to enable affordable rural housing development, it offers guidance about the finance, whom can and should be involved and expels the myths around who is allocated affordable rural homes.

Affordable Housing is so important in rural areas, as house prices are so high, both to buy and to rent, that local people very often just can't afford to continue to live here and have to move away.

Covering letter from Leigh Parish Council

The Housing Needs Survey (2017)

Housing Needs Survey Report


Leigh Parish Council together with Sevenoaks District Council undertook a Second Stage Housing Needs Survey in the latter part of 2021. The Survey Report is dated January 2022.

See Leigh's Second Stage Housing Needs Survey )2022)

The purpose of the survey was to identify the requirement for affordable housing in the parish and the housing needs of older households of any tenure wanting to downsize or move to more suitable housing. This Second Stage survey updated the findings of a full housing needs survey undertaken in July 2017. This report provides overall information as well as analysis of housing need of those who responded.


The Parish Council will now make a list of possible sites, and will work with Sevenoaks District Council, Action with Communities in Rural Kent and English Rural Housing Association to consider this list of sites and compare them with SDC's criteria for rural affordable housing.

For more information about Action with Communities in Rural Kent please see the Rural Kent website
For more information about English Rural Housing Association see the English Rural website